Thursday, February 1, 2007

Fly Away Stanley

Bryn has officially started crawling. She has been doing backward crawling and push ups for several weeks but today she moved forward for over 2 hand strokes. To me...that is crawling, baby!

We just got back from Brandon's b-ball game. It was pretty boring. The highlight was when Elle said 'go pee' and then we went to a 'strange' potty and she went pee on it. Unfortunately I didn't have any fruit snacks to award her with. She has moved on from the 1/4 piece salt water taffy to one fruit snack piece of 'Superman' or 'Cars' variety, her choice. I usually sneak a piece too.

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Myriah said...

I wish you were potty training me, then i would get candy! I love salt water taffy and fruit snacks!
Oh, and i can feel your pain: i've been to hundreds of boring basketball games. Although, not all of them were Brandon's fault. Sometimes Paul was to blame.