Monday, February 1, 2010

More Jokes

Wade isn't the only one around this place that likes jokes. The girls will tell 'jokes' to each other daily, usually during the time we are waiting in the van for Elle to go to Kindergarten. But, last night I heard the best joke ever from Bryn. It went something like this:

Bryn: Why was the horse running down the street?
Us: ???
Bryn: To get to the gym! (Obviously)

Oh...that's a good one.

Here's another funny Bryn story that happened a week or so ago. Elle and Wade decided to throw their toothbrushes to me after they were done brushing their teeth. Bryn decided to throw hers into the bathroom instead. She was about 4 feet away from the bathroom door and gave it a good chuck. She started crying and I went in to find out why. She had thrown her toothbrush directly into the toilet. toothbrush day! Those are the best!


Sparklebot said...

For as many times as I have accidentally dropped a toothbrush in the toilet, I think they should start designing bathrooms with more distance between sinks and toilets!

gj said...

I think it's a sign she'll be great on the basketball court!