Friday, February 5, 2010


February is a fun month, especially because of the birthdays around here. We celebrated Marie's birthday on Sunday with a "non-birthday" cake that GG C made.
Wade almost ate the flame from the candle when they were helping Marie blow out the candles. I hope Marie had a fabulous birthday. She is such a funny lady and it's great to get to see her every Sunday at dinner. I don't remember exactly how old she was turning, but I think it was early 90's. Way to go Marie!
Last night was Myriah's birthday celebration. Elle was completely sick the day before, but bounced back and seemed relatively healthy yesterday. I didn't think we would actually make it to the party because of that. But somehow we did! I try and get my kids to sleep around 6pm (because they wake up in the 5am hour regardless when they go to sleep), so staying up for Aunt Riah's 6:30pm party was a treat. I traced each kid on this paper as a gift and let them each color their own person. I'm pretty sure that Wade got some help coloring his.
And, about an hour and a half before the party was to start, I decided to make a cake for the party. The girls came up with...'a dog' shaped cake idea cause Aunt Riah LOVES dogs. So...we did it. You can't really see the dog very well in this picture. I tried to make accent lines on the dog with white icing, but it just melted all over the face. So, this dog has a white glaced face. We stayed entirely too long at the party and the kids were absolute disasters on the way home, but it was still fun and I'd do it again. Sometimes you just have to break routine. It's what makes life fun, right?


Megan said...

Your cake for Myriah sounds delicious. The face description made me laugh. I can't wait for the cruise!! 3 more weeks!1!!!!

Camille said...

Fun, fun! I always thought I was the only weirdo with kids that went to bed at 6 and up at 5!! So nice not to be the only one.

Myriah said...

That cake was most excellent. And did you see we still have those body cut-outs still up?

And did you hear Marie talking to Grandma last Sunday? Marie said, "I have a picture of Jesus on my wall, and sometimes when I catch sight of it I say, 'Why am I still here?'"