Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve

Early on New Years Eve, we went down to Morro Bay to meet up with Brandon after he was done work. We hiked up Black Hill to overlook Morro Bay and the ocean. Pretty sweet.
Is that Sharpay???
It was an amazingly beautiful sunny day....I could get used to this place!
Notice Bryn's new running shoes. She lost them the day after we bought them. Thankfully we found them New Years Eve morning. It was a New Years miracle.
Then we came home and watched G-Force (suprisingly funny) and celebrated the New Year at 7pm. After that we realized our fridge wasn't refrigerating anything. That was fun. Yeah for 2010!
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Myriah said...

It IS a New Years miracle! Also... could you get me Sharpay's autograph? That would be great, thanks.

Sparklebot said...

Is that a high school musical reference? :)

Jodie said...

Yes it is!

What the Hecklinger?! said...

I really love that your girls were "hiking" in dresses and glamor glasses--sweet! Sorry about the fridge though--hopefully that was your one big downer for the real, and it's all up from here! Happy New Year!