Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Waves

Earlier this week we headed to Morro Bay to check out the big waves. Apparently there was/is some storm that is making some super big waves along the coast. Myriah and Pops joined us for a most excellent picnic lunch. I didn't get any pictures of really big waves...sorry.
Later, we headed to the Cayucos Pier. We are at the end of the pier here so you can't really see any waves. But trust me, they were BIG. The end of the pier would shake when the waves came in. Elle and Bryn were fairly scared of the whole pier situation, so we didn't spend much time there.
Wade mostly just wanted to climb the railings on the pier. Thankfully, his very alert sisters freaked out any time he came close.

The waves are supposed to get even bigger this coming week, so we might head over there again, maybe after we check out the Monarch Butterflies in Pismo. I also read that we should be able to see whales right now. I guess it is migration time for them. There is so much to learn about this place!!!


Sparklebot said...

Very interesting. And, the girls are right--piers can be very scary.

Megan said...

cool - looks like fun. We should come visit.....I'm sick of this winter thing.

Bronwyn said...

oh- so much fun- and it's good to see the lion king blanket in on the action!!

Camille said...

How fun to be in CA!

Myriah said...

Ah! My Buddy Waders!

I'm glad you brought your camera; it was a gorgeous day.

Also, you should probably check out elephant seal birthing season up in San Simeon.