Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Baskets

Brandon did a fantastic job at hiding the eb this year. He tried to put them somewhere 'important' to the person.

This person likes to pull everything off our storage shelves. They also like to throw the items down into the basement. There are several cans of Pringles there right now. He/She enjoys finding cereal here and standing on top of the boxes.

It is especially fun to hide behind this chair in the corner of our living room. It's a perfect little cave to hide in when you feel like coloring the walls a beautiful shade of highlighter yellow. You can also go here when you sneak some forbidden chocolate or gum. Beloved Raindrop comes here a lot.

Who doesn't like the paper/cardboard recycling pile?? I fear this one might be too easy. Our eco-friendly recycling composter will find this entirely too quickly.

How well do you know the Cohens? Whose basket is whose?

Happy Easters everyone!

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Hillyers said...

Hmmm, I'm going to guess it is Wade, Elle, and then Bryn.

I need to hide our treats....we don't have Easter baskets though (I didn't want to buy any because we're moving on Tuesday...and we move lots)

Happy Easter!

Jodie said... would be so great to live close. We got these Easter baskets from the Millvale Easter Hunt last I didn't have to buy any either :). Good luck with the move.

Hillyers said...

So was I right?? Or are you waiting for more to guess?

Laura said...

Megs you were almost right(I think)....Wade, Bryn, and then Elle. So who is right me or Megan?

Jodie said...

Laura is right. I was not though. Turns out Elle was the last to find her basket!