Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cousins and Temple

We met the cousins in Columbus to go to the Temple there. With a pool, business center, hot breakfast and Kroger, we were set. There aren't many pictures to document an actual cousin visitation. These are some of the few.

Did you know that hotel paper pads are the COOLEST thing?

TV is also very cool.

It took a few tries to get this picture right. The first one we have is of me running to pic up Wade. I guess I wasn't fast enough for the timer!!
I told Elle to pick a place by the Temple for a picture. She liked the flowers.

Bryn would have chosen the rock bench, but Elle insisted she was by flowers. Notice Bryn's ketchup clothes from a tasty hot dog.

Sisters at the Temple.

The ladies wouldn't leave Wade alone. He's so popular.

tc tc.

Elle wanted to take a picture of Brandon. She told him to stand RIGHT THERE...and he did.


Hillyers said...

I wish we lived close. Elle seems to have quite the photographic flair...amazing talent!

Myriah said...

Oh man, these were great pictures! I'm glad you were able to report on your trip. I dearly love pictures.