Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pre Christmas Fun

Baby Declan was born Dec 16th and we quickly headed out to Ohio for some fun! These are the troops at the hospital.
When Laura came home from the hospital, everyone was VERY excited.
Somehow Laura managed to make a cardboard house a day after coming home from the hospital.
This is how swimming at Kalahari should be. Bryn style. She was just sooo excited to get to that water park.

We were having so much fun at the waterpark, I forgot to take many pictures. I think Elle and Bryn could have stayed in the outdoor hot tub all day. They eventually warmed up to being in a tube in the wavepool, while the waves were coming...but that took time.
Eating something chocolatey in the Cabana.

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Xiaoshan said... seems like your blog is running in reverse almost. I like it.

The picture of Bryn in the swimming suit was pretty hilarious.

Myriah said...

Is that spit up on Wade's chest?

He's so manly...

Jodie said...

Myriah--that be Rice Krispies. Not quite as manly as spit up. We'll work on that.

Xioashan--yes...time is going backwards.