Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Night Pittsburgh 2009

First Night in Pittsburgh was entirely too much fun! A bunch of my family was here to celebrate with us. We started First Night around 6pm, when we saw a Magician reveal his tricks. Then we headed out into the cold to find the warm Children's Museum tent where the kids...and adults...made a few crafts. Melanie and Brandon were especially excited about this!

Wade was not so excited. Thanks Dad for carrying him!
Grandma Freeze helping make a silhouette craft.
After about 8pm, my parents and R. headed home to take care of kids and 'relax'. The rest of us found the Resolution Wall. I'll let you guess who wrote what.

We even managed to enter a 'Billy Joel' contest that didn't exist. Kent did a fabulous job.
Can't wait for First Night Pittsburgh 2010!
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Johannes and Megan said...

Ha ha. I love the picture with Brandon and Melanie so excited. It makes me laugh. As for the resolution wall. I think I only know what one Eric wrote...or maybe it was Kent, since I don't think Eric will be needing to do that....or maybe it was Brandon???

Melanie said...

Who wouldn't get excited about making a lantern out of pastic cups, tissue paper, and a REAL battery-powered light?!!!
It makes me happy even now.

Xiaoshan said...

That was the sketchiest karaoke place ever. Thanks for posting this!

Myriah said...

Ohh! It looks like you guys had a great time! I am especially jealous of that craft. I bet it came in handy while you were out in the dark celebrating the very first night.