Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Silly Morning

Bryn has an evil laugh. I love it and have no idea how she does it. If I remember right, Megan had a similar laugh when she was young. Megan, can you still do your evil laugh?

It's good to have reminders to laugh, all day long.


Megan said...

I haven't tried laughing like that for quite some time...I could probably do it though.

I don't think I was as young as Bryn when I laughed like that. I remember decided to start laughing like "hee hee hee hee", pretty soon it was just a habit.

Try it. When you start laughing, start going "hee hee". It's so much fun. And, sounds evil I guess. I don't think I was trying to sound evil when I was little though.

Fun video Jo!

Melanie said...

That was a great video to watch to start the day. Makes me feel like going 'hee hee hee.'

Bronwyn said...

laughing is contagious- what fun