Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last of the Twenties

I remember when I started my twenties. I decided to say, "In my twenties" to the question of age. I don't think I ever really did that. It was just a joke to handle losing teenager status. I loved being a teenager. I was dumb, selfish, foolish, irresponsible, giddy and lame. But, I was just a teenager, so it was ok. Twenty meant responsibility.

Today is my last day of twenties and I'm going to miss it. The twenties have been good to me. I've loved being in my twenties.
Quick recap of my twenties:
21-22: Mission to Guatemala
24: Married, Graduated from BYU
24-26: Worked at L3 Communications
26: Had Elle, Moved to NY, Ran a Marathon
27: Had Bryn
29: Had Wade, Moved to PA, Ran a 1/2 Marathon

Ok, this list is very lame. It's hard to think of what to include in a recap list spanning a decade. And since it is late, this is what you get :). I only have a couple hours of the twenties left!

I realized last week that it is time for me to move into the thirties. At playgroup, one of my friends saw my socks and said, "Where did you get those socks? Can I buy them from you? My daughter would love them!" Her daughter is in Primary. Yikes! These were my lucky frog socks I would wear on test days in college. Really, no one (including me) should be wearing them. Both soles have holes. But for some reason, those were the socks I grabbed in the morning. I understand that turning thirty does not mean you have to throw out all your cool socks. But, I should be able to put to rest socks that have been dead for many years. Give up the frogs Jodie. Welcome to 30.

Bonus points for those who can identify what year the pictures is from.


Xiaoshan said...

I bet I would be able to tell you, but won't let you link to it. I hate With every fibre of my being.

Melanie said...

Happy, happy birthday, Jodie dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had a wish then it would be a happy happy birthday to you from me!

Chris and Judith said...

Happy Birthday Jodie! The twenties are over-rated. Welcome to the 30's! now it's time to let loose. hee hee heee

Myriah said...

Happy birthday Jodie!

And as my gift to you, besides the mailing tube, I will help you purge your sock drawer. We can do it via web-cam.

Laura said...

I think it was '93--if that is the year Michael was born. This was taken right before Eric left on his mission. Welcome to the 30's group, it is such a stylish group to be a part of. Happy birthday Jo!! You are a champ.

Jodie said...

Laura--I think you're right. That would put me at 15. Half my age. I guess I've changed some. Elle saw the picture and asked, is that Laura?

Bronwyn said...

it was early July of 1993- I think the day or 2 days before Eric left on his mission- but hey, have a great birthday, and I remember my 40th birthday as being the best- I think I turned 30 a month or so before Megan was born, and that birthday was a total blur- but my 30's started off moving to Oregon- then back to Raymond- then the beginnings of show choir- and ended with giving birth to Michael- how's that for a recap of a decade?

Camille said...

Hey Jodie, I hope you had a great birthday. I tried calling you- hope you got the message. Congrats on being 30! Love the pictures.

the blonde potato said...

Yes, I remember the days of you saying "I'm in my twenties" and Jeff laughing at us. (Hmmm- wonder what he's up to) Well I hope you had a great birthday and that entering your "thirties" has not been traumatic! Just remember "30 is the new 20"!

Travis and Mardi said...

I never thought you were lame or selfish as a teenager. Does this mean I was too, since I hung out with you? Dang. I did try and I'm sure you did too. Happy Birthday and welcome to the Dirty Thirties!

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