Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First HME Run

In an effort to keep track of training, I thought I'd post on here what I've done and how it felt. That way when I look back I can see if I've made any progress...which hopefully I have. Today was my first HME (Hard, Medium, Easy) Run. Brandon adapted it for me and I ran a 5 minute warm-up then did 3 HME sets as follows: 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy, 2 minutes medium, 1 minute easy.

Here are my paces...they are pretty pathetic...but it gives me room for growth, right?
H: 8:45/mile (I started out too fast and slowed at the end of the 2 minutes)
E: 17:58/mile (that's really slow...)
M: 9:22/mile (I think this was about right)
E: 11:58/mile

H: 8:17/mile
E: 13:26/mile
M: 10:18/mile
E: 13:06/mile

H: 10:00/mile (in my defense, this was up a hill..but it's still pretty pathetic for a hard run)
E: 15:13/mile
M: 10:05/mile
E: 12:59/mile

By the end, I was ready to die and it took me a while to cool down. Fortunately, Bryn didn't wake up until around 6:15, so I had time to stretch etc before the day 'started'. I wonder what Bran has planned for me on Thursday....


Megan said...

cool Jo! I wish I had a personal trainer. I just have the dilemma of a low milk supply when I exercise...hmmm.

Jodie said...

Yikes Megs...not sure how you can change that one. Maybe Rixa has some ideas?

Xiaoshan said...

My milk supply is pretty low after a hard run as well.

But then, it's always pretty low.

Katie V said...

How can you tell how fast you are going?