Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back in Training

Having a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Chiropractor as a husband is advantageous. Not only is he my trainer, but he watches the kids while I train. I finally realized that if I want to run (which I do), I have to do it in the morning BEFORE the kids wake up, and before Brandon goes to work. I have basically until 5:30am. Bran gets me up in the morning and sends me out. Right now, I am just running 3 times a week. He has me running 30 minutes at a very comfortable pace. I love hearing the birds and watching the city wake up while I run. It's very refreshing and gets me started right for the day.

There is a group of ladies in the ward training for a triathlon, but finding time/money to swim is a challenge. Instead, I will train for the Akron Half Marathon. Brandon ran the Akron Marathon last year, which is tempting as you get free Brooks shoes if you finish. Tempting....but I better keep it simple.


Myriah said...

Oh, you have all the way until 5:30?

No wonder you get tons of stuff done!

I myself have dreamed at least three dreams by that time.

Megan said...

you're crazy Jodie! What time do you go to sleep?

I've started running too. But luckily I have mom here to watch the kids.

Do you run for 30minutes straight? Or do you take walking breaks. I can't run that long yet. I think I ran 17 minutes yesterday. I'm a wimp.

Jodie said...

We try and get to sleep by 10. Brandon has me running very slowly and I would be able to run for 30 minutes straight except that there are huge hills that I run. Unfortunately, I cannot run up the hills because Brandon told me to take it easy. I run up until my heart is racing a little too much and then walk to the top. I've never seen hills like these. It probably shouldn't be legal for there to be roads on them.

Melanie said...

You rock.

Dark Horse said...

next week she gets to run faster...just not fast. Megs, if you want to run for 30 minutes you need a strategy. Simple strategy 1.
Jog for 4 minutes, walk for 1.
Jog for 4 minutes, walk for 1.
Jog for 4 minutes, walk for 1.
You kind of get the point.
If that's too much, jog for 2 minutes and walk for 1, it's soooooo customizable. It feels silly in the beginning, but if you do it at least 3 times a week you'll easily get to the 30 min jog in a month.

Brian said...

I ran for 22 minutes today!!

Brian said...

that was actually megan not dad...Dad ran for an hour.

Camille said...

Jodie- That sounds like pure bliss. I hope you get to keep doing it. Way to go.