Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy April

So, this month has been a little crazy for us.
First, we packed up the truck for our move. Then it was Wade's baby blessing.
The next day, Brandon graduated. Hooray!!!
That evening we moved into our new house.
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Megan said...

That is crazy! Are you guys settled in yet? How's Pittsburgh? I'm tempted to come visit you and Laura sometime, but I don't know how it would work exactly. And I guess Laura's coming here soon anyway, and the reunion's soon too. So...I probably won't come. But I would have loved to see your house!

Jodie said...

Megs...settled? almost..ok sort of. It would be great for a visit...we have space :). But...if you ever feel an urge, come on down! It'd be great to hang out. I've vouched off big trips in my car, as I don't trust it. major trips in my future until we have a different vehicle.

Camille said...

Loved seeing the house. Congrats on making it through the whirlwind.

Myriah said...

I have seen that picture of the house a few times, and every time i think you are so lucky to have a zip line that goes right to the porch.

Shmobby said...

Jodie you are AMAZING!!! So totally you to do all that WHILE smiling. Congratulations on the whole fam! Your kids are so adorable and I love all the stories about their fun personalities!!! I totally laughed out loud at the last Chronicle where it quoted the girls talking about their "Yiddle Brudder." Too funny! :)

We miss you guys...and we're so happy for you and all the good stuff that's been happening lately!

This is Tawna & the rest of the Strom gang, btw! :)