Monday, March 31, 2008


This morning Elle was doing a counting dance that Bryn just couldn't get right. It's really quite easy. Put your hand out as though motioning someone to STOP and then say a number. Alternate hands while jumping and saying more numbers. The numbers can be sequential, random or fake. For some reason Eleventeen kept popping up.


Katie V said...

My sister sent me a link that led me to a blog called the True Face of Birth (rixarixa something). I saw your blog linked on it and I was wondering how you know this woman. I meandered through her blog and was very interested. It is making me excited for my next baby. I was also wondering why you had your babies at the hospital instead of at home?

Cute story...Eleventeen sounds like a great number to me.

Jodie said...


I'm glad you found Rixa's blog. It is full of excellent information. Rixa is my oldest brother's wife, which makes her blog even more exciting to read.

There's a few reasons why I gave birth in a hospital, none of which are very good. But here they are...
1. I currently live in an apartment with little space. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of giving birth in our apartment.
2. Home midwives were not covered by our insurance and we didn't have money to pay for one ourselves. Plus...there aren't really any around where we live.
3. I'm not completely comfortable having a baby unassisted.

After my last hospital experience, there is no way I'm having a baby in a hospital again. I'll go for a home birth or birthing center next time. Fortunately we're moving to Pittsburgh where there are more options.

Enjoy Rixa's blog, it's great!

Rixa said...

I'd say those are all very real and valid reasons. It just stinks that they *have* to be reasons at all, especially #2.