Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ski Jump

There was plenty of snow for us in Ottawa. There was a snow bank in the backyard that we made a little sledding ride. Bryn wanted to go on it the most and insisted on doing it herself.
During the downhill she would lay back and look up. I guess it's more fun to slide down looking at the sky. Brandon was the instigator for all this backyard sledding. Notice the line of kids waiting for their turn.
This is Elle after a successful trip down. Can she see?
Being a stellar example for the younger children, Brandon decided to go down on the sled snowboard style. As I was taking the picture, I don't remember if he made it down all the way or not. He'll have to fill you in there.
All this fun wore Bryn completely out and she fell asleep watching 'Word on the Street'.

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Myriah said...

Oh man, my family is soooo cool!