Monday, December 31, 2007

Bring on 2008 Baby

We just got back from Ottawa from an almost 2 week Christmas holiday. It was FUN! The girls will miss their cousins!
Every year, the Freezes have a Christmas pinata. This tradition started after Eric and Rixa gifted us a pinata on our cross country move from Utah to New York. After dropping our things in SF at our apartment, we drove to Ottawa for Christmas. Since then, we have had a pinata every Christmas and really any other time a pinata is appropriate. Bryn was second on the pinata list this year. She didn't do too much damage.
I asked Elle to give me her best pinata smashing face. This was the result.
The girls got matching pajamas from Grandma Cohen. I think Brandon was the most excited about it.

I love Christmas time, especially in Ottawa. It was so beautiful with all the snow.

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Melanie said...

We miss you guys and hope you are all feeling better. I love Elle's smashing face.

Myriah said...

Okay, first off, i never want come across Elle in a dark alley with that bat....

Second, when is a pinata not appropriate?