Monday, January 29, 2007

First Post

Another successful couponing day! My husband thinks it's hilarious that I get so excited about getting things for free...but I can't help it. Today I got toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, multivitamins, mouthwash, toothbrushes and cold lozenges all for FREE!!! My excitement motivates me to hauls the girls out into the snow and to various stores every Monday.

Elle likes to 'help' by holding the coupons, which usually ends up with me picking coupons off the floor. Bryn is usually pretty chill and occasionally lets out a squeel if she's too hot or something. Today we did the entire couponing trip in 4.5 hours and we are now home watching Dora save Diego from the prickers and thorns. I can't wait for next weeks deals!

On a completely different note, as this is my first post on my Guacasite, I'd like to mention what this site is for; I don't really know.


Myriah said...

You don't need to know what it is for.
Maybe you'll find out later.
And hey, congrats on the blog and an excellent couponing trip! i always see the coupon file folders at wal*mart, and always want to get one, but i have no use for it. Maybe one day.

Jodie said...

Myriah...resist the coupon file folders. Real couponers use binders with baseball card sheet protectors, at least that is what I was told. So...every Saturday I cut and sort my coupons as though I was sorting baseball cards...pretty sweet.

Kent said...

I'm speechless.

Plus, you should allow anonymous comments. I'm so self-conscious that people will know what I'm saying.

Jodie said...

Good thinking Kent! I changed the anonymous setting.

Laura said...

Holy crap, you are so lucky you get to watch Dora and Diego. Kudos for the free stuff Jo you are the best.