Monday, July 26, 2010


So...every Wednesday in July there is a track meet in Atascadero. It is an 'All-Comers' meet, meaning that anyone can participate in any event they would like to. You just pay an athlete entry fee and go sign up for events. Brandon has been volunteering at it since Torah's birth (the first day of the 5 week series) and we went a couple weeks ago to check it out on the way home from dropping Mom off in San Fran. We didn't make it in time to sign the kids up for any events. But...this last Wednesday...we made it and signed the kids up. They had been excited about it all day, even getting their running outfits ready several hours in advance. When we got there, they found out they would be running the 4 x 100m with 2 boys and freaked out, bursting into tears. Around this time, Torah decided she was absolutely starving and I was thankful that Myriah and Grandma C were there to save the day!
Since there were only 2 available spots on the 4 x 100m for the under 7 crowd, Wade was on reserve, which turned out useful.
Notice Brandon's new stylish sunglasses..
Elle ran the first leg of the race.
Bryn was supposed to run the 2nd leg, but was freezing. Thankfully Wade was there and he took off running. Bryn is catching Wade here to give him the baton.
And to top off the night, they did the long jump.
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Megan said...

way to go Cohens! Good thing Wade was there to save the day!