Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lemons, Bad Ants and 100th Birthdays

Bryn found the first lemon in the backyard of a house Brandon's parents rented in Arizona.

Elle wished she had one too.

So, Brandon found one for her.

This was of course BEFORE the bad Arizona ants starting biting their feet. We were searching for ripe lemons when Elle starting screaming and doing a weird foot dance. It took me a second to realize that something was biting her feet. By that time, Bryn started getting bitten as well. Luckily, we got all the bad ants off of them
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We were in Arizona to celebrate Brandon's Great Grandma's 100th Birthday! She is quite an amazing woman and I was glad we were able to make it out for such a momentous occasion.

Myriah, Elle and Bryn celebrated with strawberry cupcakes (with sprinkles on top). I hear they were pretty tasty.

And for the first time since before Wade existed, all the Cohens were together. Not a bad bunch!
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Myriah said...

Thank you for the lemon and the bad ants story. I never knew it was so evolved.

I really thought it was a killer ant attack out of the blue.

But the lemons explains it. Thank you.

Brian said...

What a great looking group! I probably didn't pay attention but what is the lineage on great great grandma? Dad