Monday, October 12, 2009

Elle is in Kindergarten!

Last week we found out that the kindergarten deadline in California is Dec 2nd! In Pittsburgh it was Aug 3oth, so she didn't start in PA. I started to make some phone calls and somehow got Elle into a great school (one that is apparently hard to get your kids into) because someone had just moved away. Anyway, she started kindergarten on Oct 8th and is absolutely loving it. She has an amazing teacher and fabulous friends. Way to go Elle!
This is Elle on her first day. I'm not exactly sure why she looks petrified...she really was excited...I promise!

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Laura said...

Day 3 of school for her then right? I wonder if Bryn was doing an off the chair sommersault behind you when you were taking the picture, and that was the reason for the big eyes? Maybe?

Megan said...

This picture makes me laugh. That's cool that you got her into a good one. Have fun Elle!

Camille said...

I can't believe she is in kindergarten!! That's crazy. So nice to have that spot open up. Wow. I just can't get it over it. Adelaide is older than Elle but Elle will be a grade up from her. How funny.

Sparklebot said...

How weird is it to have a kid in school?