Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Cohens go to Washington

We made it to Washington DC yesterday. It was a fast day trip that started around 7am with doughnuts (see facebook for all the pictures).
Here are some highlights....the Star Spangled Banner.
The Capitol. Some other Mormons took our picture.
And rocks...or the Washington Monument...take your pick.
Washington DC is really cool and I'm glad we went before we moved West. I think I could spend several days there. And...the kids could spend several days playing with the rocks.

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Megan said...

Fun. Our kids like rocks too, and we have lots beside our house and fence that make it onto our lawn daily. Rocks are pretty fun I guess.

Marissa said...

I loved DC and the fact that a lot of the museums are FREE. I am glad that you guys got to go there. Audrey likes rocks too. We have an assortment in our car right now from who knows when and where.

Smash said...

Why are you guys moving?

Jodie said...

Smash: an excellent question. In short, we're moving to be close to family. There is a great opportunity for us to do it, so we decided to go. It's been a tough decision because we like it out here and the business is doing well.

Myriah said...

Well, I'm glad you saw the rocks.

You know, millions of people go to DC and never even look at the rocks.

It's like, Hello! Rocks! Right here!

And still, people ignore them.

What the Hecklinger?! said...

Where is that Star Spangled Banner? I don't remember it...