Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Potty Mouth

I feel it fitting that after the Underpant Head post, you understand why Laura is to blame for Elle's recent desire to say 'pee' and 'poop' all the time. She'll add it into any story or song. My personal favorite is Itsy Bitsy Spider. It goes something like this:
The Itsy Bitsy Spider climbs up the garden spout.
Down came the rain and pee poo pee poo poop.
Out came the sun and poop pee pee poop poo.
And the Itsy Bitsy Spider pee poop poop pee poop pee.

Naturally, Elle thinks this is hilarious. I just hope she doesn't teach the other nursery kids.

Why is Laura to blame? Cause HER son Braxton taught it to Elle. Where did Braxton learn it? Undoubtedly from Laura. I rest my case.


Xiaoshan said...

actually, I taught that to Braxton.............


That was a total j/k. It was totally Laura.

Laura said...

Hey, what is wrong with a little pee and poop. What do you have against those words? Come on, say them out loud right now and I bet it brings a smile to your face! Elle is right, itsy bitsy spider should have been sung that way to begin with. It makes for such a better song. In fact I think I will teach the nursery kids her version on Sunday. Hmmm that is a great idea....I wonder how long I would stay the primary chorister after that!