Monday, April 23, 2007

We went to the MOST - Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse this week. In this picture you see Elle, Adelaide and Emma playing with the ball suction thing with Bryn watching close by. We all went to the zoo together after and we're ready to sleep by the time we got home.

We hit up our first hike this summer. Brandon and Brad had to get something upholstered in Clyde for the business, so we decided to find a park nearby with a trail. The trail left something to be desired and we quickly realized that Elle needed new sandals. So....we headed to TCP for some killer sandals for $3.50.

Laura is a couponer.


Myriah said...

You girls are simply beautiful.
I love museums man. In fact, i watched Night at the Museum last night. I really like Museums.

Laura said...

Yes I am!! It took me 4 hours to shop this week. I hope it gets faster! I don't know if it is worth it or not. We will see. I did get some free stuff at staples yesterday. That was pretty cool.

Kent said...

You should go shopping in Red Chinar. You can get dvds there for negative infinity cents

Jodie said...

I like negative infinity cents...those are the best!